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How to Write SEO’ed Press Releases to Promote Crowdfunding Campaigns

By Robert Hoskins

Competitive Analysis
Like any other type of marketing its always wise to look around and see what the competition is doing first.  The best places to conduct press release research are BusinessWireMarketWirePRNewswire and PRWeb.  Go to each of these sites and do search on “crowdfunding” as well your “product” or “service” keywords.  Print out the press releases that you like so you can underline keywords and make notes on what is being said as well as how it’s being said.

More than likely you will find several people that will be close competitors.  You will also begin to notice what buzz words are used often and are the most popular across the board. Start underlining the ones that you think would work well for your campaign. These will ultimately be used as some of your keywords.  These key words will become very important in everything you write and post online.

Editorial Environments
Next, start visiting the list of magazines that you have been building for your media relations campaign. Search for some of the competitors names that you found during your press release search.  The goal is find stories that are the result of the press releases they issued.  This allows you to see what the press releases said and how the media ended up covering the story.  Print out the stories so you can take notes on them and underline keywords.

When you find a reporter you like. Read three of their most recent stories and print those out too. If you look closely, you will be able to see that many reporters use the same style to write each story.  This information is critical to writing an effective media pitch.  Also, keep underlining keywords in the news stories to add to your list.

Writing Effective Press Releases
Now you are ready to write your first press release.  Notice how the headlines and sub-headlines are written for both the news stories and the press releases. Try to reflect the style used by actual publications.  There are a many ways to write a press release and a million online guides that you can Google to find “How to Write Press Releases.”

If you are not a very strong writer, it would be best to hire a professional.  Sometimes if you provide something that is already written, PR firms will give you a small discount if all they have to do is edit four press releases that you have already written for your 30-day campaign. Always, always have someone else proof read your press releases before issuing on a wire service.

One last tip.  Never write “For Immediate Release.”  This is sure sign that you are a novice and a good way to spot PR firms with little real world or large corporation PR experience. Same thing goes for your logo.  You will learn why when you upload your first press release to a news wire service.

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Robert Hoskins, a seasoned Front Page PR veteran provides more than twenty-five years of external communications, media relations, digital social media and SEO skills to Front Page PR’s crowdfunding PR and media relations service portfolio.
Robert Hoskins
(512) 627-6622

Mr. Hoskins is a serial entrepreneur and has been helping entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations  launch successful marketing communications campaigns for 25-years. He is positive that Crowdfunding will empower all Americans to rediscover the possibility of living the American dream with a little hard work, a great business idea and dedication to planning a well-thought-out crowdfunding campaign.

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