Hurricane Harvey Crowdfunding Campaigns

Hurricane Harvey Slams into and Destroys the Texas Gulf Coast Communities

Hurricane Harvey Slams into and Destroys Numerous Texas Gulf Coast Communities. Texans Need Your Good Samaritan Donations to Survive!

Basic Details Need to Launch a Successful
Hurricane Harvey Crowdfunding Profile


By Robert Hoskins

  1. The first step is to pick one of the Top Donation-based Crowdfunding Platforms such as or, which have both waived their commission fees for Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Crowdfunding Campaigns. Do NOT use, which has decided to profit as much as possible off of hurricane victims and has refused to waive their crowdfunding platform commission fees.
  2. Who are you? Crowdfunding campaigns in disaster areas like Hurricane Harvey are notorious for having lots of fraudulent campaigns pop-up. The best way to verify that you are a real person with a real problem is to post pictures of you and your family to your personal social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Real people have hundreds of friends, thousands of posts, and hundreds of pictures in their photo albums. Fraudulent people have zero friends, zero posts and zero pictures in their social media profiles.
  3. What kind of damage did your family/home receive? The more details you can provide about the damage and destruction to your home, your vehicles, your family and your pets the more valid your crowdfunding profile will read. Most fake crowdfunding profiles provide very little details. Also include wind damage, water damage, flood levels, electricity outages, etc.
  4. Where is your home located? Do not share your actual address, but do include the name of the neighborhood, city and zip code of where your home is located. This will allow people to verify that you are real person with a real home in a real neighborhood. Also include a cell phone number that will allow potential donors to call and talk to you about your situation. This will add a great deal of credibility to your Hurricane Harvey crowdfunding profile. Also include where you are currently staying right now. Convention center, church, school gymnasium, friend’s home, hotel, state campground, etc.
  5. Why should people donate to your cause? People only know what you tell them.  Explain completely your current situation. This includes your need for food, water, shelter, electricity/generators, cell phones for communication, transportation needs to get to a shelter, care for your pets, etc. Don’t be afraid to tell it just like it is. Be very precise about your real needs.
  6. How much money do you need for the next 30 days? Many people are in state of complete shock having lost everything. Most people that are new to crowdfunding tend to ask for large amounts of money, which makes it harder to raise money. The lower the crowdfunding goal the more likely you are to raise money.  And don’t expect money to just fall from heaven. Try to raise the first 30% of the crowdfunding goal from your own family and friends. The more money that has been donated to your crowdfunding campaign, the more likely that complete strangers and good samaritans will step in to fund the rest. Ask your friends and family to share your crowdfunding campaign URL link and details via their social media networks with their friends. Ask them to donate $25 to $100 to the campaign, and, if not with money, ask them to like the hurricane relief crowdfunding campaign post and share with their extended social media networks so that you can reach as many people as possible. People are a lot more likely to donate to a friend of a friend of a friend than a complete stranger.
  7. How do you plan to spend the money? I would recommend putting together a short-term budget for food and shelter for the next 30-days until you can actually make it back home to assess the real damage. Next, talk to FEMA field inspectors, insurance agents or any one that might be able to give you a real world estimate on how much it will take to repair wind, water and fire damages to your property over the next 12-months. Be realistic and completely honest.
  8. Read through every page of our Crowdfunding Training Class. These crowdfunding training class pages were written for Rewards-based and Perk-based crowdfunding campaigns, but they contain very good advice on how to shoot a crowdfunding video and how to write a successful crowdfunding profile. In particular, please pay attention to the sections on copy writing and the language used to write effective crowdfunding profiles that lead to a successful crowdfunding campaign. The difference between success and failure usually comes down not to just what you say, but more importantly how you say it.
  9. Front Page PR will be helping each Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief and Recovery Crowdfunding campaign market their profiles to potential donors for free. But if you would like to learn how we actually do the marketing for these crowdfunding campaigns, please visit:

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