Wyoming Crowdfunding Classes

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Opportunity knocks. There are currently no Crowdfunding classes scheduled in the whole state of Wyoming.  If you would like to start a crowdfunding workshop or seminar in your city or town, you can get started by licensing the following crowdfunding training materials for only $300.

We’ll train you and teach you how to market your classes to the general public. Anyone with a little public speaking experience and a few years of marketing experience in advertising, email marketing, PR or social media should make a great candidate.

Call (512) 627-6622 if you would like to discuss the opportunity or click here to sign up now.

Simply hold one class per week with 10 students per class. Charge $25 or more per student and a Crowdfunding Trainer can earn up to $1,000 per month and break even the every first month.

Next, spend a little extra money to market the class in the local newspaper or business journal to increase the class size. Most crowdfunding workshops are charging up to $299 per student. Suddenly a part-time job can turn into a full-time career by teaching people how to turn brilliant product ideas into successful new businesses that will create jobs and help rebuild the American Dream!

Introduction to Launching Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns in Wyoming

Want to learn how to plan a successful Crowdfunding Campaign? The Crowdfunding Press Center provides the following Crowdfunding training class to help people learn how to properly research, plan, write and launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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