Crowdfunding Training Classes for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Searching for a Crowdfunding Training Class That Will Teach You How to Use Top Real Estate Equity Crowdfunding Sites to Find More Accredited and Retail Investors to Invest in Your Upcoming Commercial Real Estate Deals?


Searching for Crowdfunding Training Classes to Learn How to UseReal Estate Equity Crowdfunding  Sites to Find More Investors Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors to Invest an Upcoming Commercial Real Estate Deal?

Searching for Crowdfunding Training Classes to Learn How to Use Real Estate Equity Crowdfunding Sites to Find More Accredited and Retail Investors to Invest in Upcoming Real Estate Deals?

By Robert Hoskins, Crowdfunding PR

New York City, New York – Crowdfunding PR has created a crowdfunding training class designed to teach real estate brokers, realtors, investors, land developers and property management companies how to research, plan, write and launch an equity crowdfunding campaign that can raise up to $50 million per year from both Accredited and Retail Investors to fund a wide range of upcoming commercial and residential real estate investment opportunities and deals.

What types of commercial real estate properties can be crowdfunded?

Equity Crowdfunding Portals are a great way for real estate brokers to merge their existing network of real estate investors with a crowdfunding investment syndicate that will add hundreds to thousands of accredited and/or retail investors to their existing network of investors.

Imagine being able to fund a single real estate investment transaction in one night with a single email blast.

Yes, you read that right. A crowdfunding syndicate, with 10,000 investors that have already agreed to invest alongside Qualified Sponsors (lead investors) at $5,000 per investor, has the capability to fund a $50,000,000 deal with one email blast to their database of crowdfunding investors in a single night.

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